Who are we?

Fundación Artesanías de Chile (Crafts of Chile Foundation) is a private non-profit, part of the Network of Foundations of the Sociocultural Direction of the President of the Republic and is headed by the Director of the Sociocultural Presidency, Paula Forttes Valdivia. Since 2014 its Executive Director is Josefina Berliner Duque..

Crafts of Chile works to preserve the Chilean cultural identity and create opportunities for cultural and economic development for traditional artisans, understanding that craftsmanship is a productive activity that sustains many families.


  • Increase opportunities for development of traditional craftsmen who have some degree of vulnerability.
  • Promote strategies for productive development and trade contribute to relieve the artisan craft as a concrete and sustainable employment option.
  • Disseminate and educate about the different craft expressions, valuing cultural diversity as a constitutive element of our national identity.
  • Contribute to the preservation and rescue of traditional crafts, stimulating research and recognition of the trades that are part of our cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible


Preserve, evaluate, promote and disseminate traditional Chilean crafts, promoting the integration of artisans in the process of socio-cultural and economic development.


Valuing the craftsman and crafts as part of the Chilean tradition.

The craftsmen that make up the network of Crafts of Chile, are the repositories of cultural heritage of our country,
that cross in each of his pieces sold in our stores and through workshops
conducted in multiple spaces that Crafts of Chile offers.

Our network has 2.121 of 94% live in regions from North to South (excluding the Metropolitan Region) and 77% in rural areas of the country, away from trade links and economic integration opportunities. 83% of the artisans of the network are women and 57% of the artisans belong to one of 7 original groups of Chile.

Need more info? Please contact us sending an email to artesanias@artesaniasdechile.cl